female yellow-tailed black cockatoo

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black-shouldered kite

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P1120791The Black-shouldered Kites are one of only two varieties of hovering kites here in Australia but they are quite a common bird. They move fast and it is more usual to see them in hovering mode rather than flight, so I was pleased to also be able to capture this one with its wings out as it flew over a nearby she-oak. P1120789

olive-backed oriole

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These slender, long-tailed birds are omnivorous and have far-reaching calls. They are of medium bird size, around 25-28cm, and are common nomads in north and eastern Australia. I spotted this one on the edge of a nature reserve on the NSW north coast where it was feeding in the top of a she-oak.

a little garden visitor

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Spotted this common butterfly resting on the She-Oak spindles on the edge of the reserve, unfortunately it flew off before I could properly focus but its colour is lovely and I like the way it nestles amoung the spindles with their matching orange ends.

dressed for the mardigras

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Male Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo peeking cheekily out of the foliage of a she-oak, they like to eat the sweet ends of the needles, I assume it is a little like nectar. I know its an adult male by the bright pink eye-ring and dark beak.