tranquil islands

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Islands off Serenity Beach on the Coffs Coast NSW Australia draped in low lying cloud ‘float’ on the horizon.



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sharing the waves

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Two pods of dolphins joined forces and competed with the local surfers for the waves. Who can blame them, the water was warm, the waves were good and the summer sun was beaming down happily. No one minded and there were enough waves for all.

noisy miner

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This Noisy Miner was enjoying the sun while preening itself. A small group of miner’s are related to the Honeyeaters and these particular miners are around 25-28 cm and amoung the commonest birds of eucalypt woodland in flocks up to 30 in eastern Australia from Townsville QLD to Adelaide SA.

They are grey-brown sociable birds and chatter away (hence the name noisy) but also have a lovely pre-dawn song. Though small they can lay as many as 5 eggs in nests made of sparse grasses lined with fur and hair placed in the forks of trees.

Captured at Mullaway, NSW north coast. Acknowledgement: The Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds 2nd edition.

into the blue

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The view south towards Coffs Harbour from Look At Me Now Headland, Emerald Beach, part of Moonee Beach Nature Reserve on the far north coast NSW Australia. This is a popular surfing spot and surfers are often accompanied by pods of dolphins.