rain dancers

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p1130836The Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo is a cheeky character. This male (sex identified by the hot pink eye ring) is feasting on the flower buds of the banksia tree, a tree native to where I live. Behind it is a she-oak, another native tree the cockatoos fancy. Cockatoos tend to stick together, their loud cawking sounds pre-empting their arrival, and their arrival pre-empting rain. 


pair of rosellas

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Eastern Rosellas are one of the prettiest small parrots where I live and this pair was one of three that were feeding on the eucalyptus gum outside my friends home on the far north coast of NSW Australia.

red deer

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P1180537.jpgThe Isle of Skye in north west Scotland is known for its abundant wildlife. The Red Deer are the largest mammal in the UK and the largest population is on Skye. While I wasn’t able to photograph the male as they prefer the higher ground, this lovely female and two others were browsing under a tree near the road. October was a lovely time to visit Scotland, with trees, grasses and animals all colour complementing each other in an abundance of autumn hues. p1180763

eastern rosella

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This cheeky Eastern Rosella was performing for the camera, giving a lovely view of its colourful under feathers.

little wattlebird

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Little Wattlebirds are prolific around the Coffs Coast, they are between 27-33cm and quite noisy and aggressive. Like the one captured here they love banksias and are common residents in coastal heath and woodlands in south-east mainland Australia and Tasmania.