edward scissorclaw

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One of a teeming hoard of small crabs living in the mangroves at Urunga on the NSW north coast. When the tide is low these little guys (about an inch in body) in a rainbow of colours can be seen scuttling about and ducking up out of a carpet of holes in the mud.


wandering tattler

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There was great debate when a group of birders spotted this fellow as to whether it was a Grey-tailed Tattler or a Wandering Tattler but the majority voted for a Wandering in breeding plumage. They are very similar but the Wandering Tattler is darkerĀ on upperparts, particularly the mantle and crown and in breeding the breast, flanks and abdomen are more heavily bared and extensive than the Grey-tailed. Spotted at Urunga on the NSW north coast.

eastern curlew

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Curlews are large waders with long down-curved bills. This Eastern Curlew is a common migrant from eastern Asia and inhabits a coastal strip right around mainland Australia and Tasmania favouring mudflats, mangroves, islands, estuaries and sandpits. I spotted this one on a birding outing at Urunga boardwalk that meanders across sand-flats into mangroves.