blue-tongue lizards

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Blue-tongue Lizard


blue-tongue lizard

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I love the blue-tongue lizards and this female was meditating near the path and disinclined to be concerned about the human creature snapping photos. They have a lovely pattern and cool little feet.

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Blue tongue lizards are part of the skink family and are pretty common in most parts of Australia, in fact this one is called the Common Eastern Blue-tongued Lizard. They are docile and friendly and this very pregnant female had no qualms about approaching the family as we sat in the shade of a pandanus tree at Serenity Beach. I think she was attracted by the food as we were eating rice cakes and she walked right into our midst where she sat on a vacated towel and proceeded to eat up any scraps the grand-kids had dropped. How can you not adore that neat little foot with the lovely pattern.