olive-backed oriole

immature oriole

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The Olive-backed Oriole is a slender, long-tailed bird around 25-28 cm with a beautiful song. They are common nomads in north and eastern Australia and like to nest in bulky cups slung in slender outer branches where they lay 2-4 spotted blotched cream eggs. This one is immature, his top feathers will deepen in time to a bright greenish-olive, and he is sitting in a banksia tree.



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olive-backed oriole

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These slender, long-tailed birds are omnivorous and have far-reaching calls. They are of medium bird size, around 25-28cm, and are common nomads in north and eastern Australia. I spotted this one on the edge of a nature reserve on the NSW north coast where it was feeding in the top of a she-oak.

olive-backed oriole

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Olive-backed Oriole’s are slender, long-tailed, omnivorous birds with long-reaching calls. This male was feeding on a the fruits of a wild tobacco plant on the edge of Moonee Beach Nature Reserve and every now and again making a low whistling sound. They also do mimicry, sneeze, chuckle and hiss like the Satin Bowerbird.